This has nothing to do with anything else on this blog but I recently read this article on Buzzfeed (http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/that-dead-girl-what-happens-to-a-family-and-a-town-after-a-c?bffb) about a girl in Florida who was effectively cyber-bullied into taking her own… Continue reading

The Last Post

As the end of the Year Abroad approaches – so soon? – here is a final summary of the last twelve months or so…in list form! ‘Cos we all love a good list.… Continue reading

Up Yours, Lonely Planet

Since this is my 50th post since I started this blog it seemed appropriate to do something a bit different for it. So I present to you my counter to Lonely Planet. Perhaps… Continue reading

Give Us Back Our Flag!

Apologies for the slight gap in updates, things have been rather busy here what with essays and travelling! I have now racked up my fifth Russian city – Ekaterinburg. Slightly embarrassingly, I have… Continue reading

Judgement Day

It’s been an interesting week, this one. On Monday we had been invited to some sort of ‘broadcast’ at the university. As per, we had been told nothing more than this about what… Continue reading

Baikal, Day 6: Getting Closer To Baikal Than Expected

Our last day by Baikal was a gloriously sunny one. So, we headed back into town with the intention of lunching on the local delicacy – омуль – a type of local smoked… Continue reading

Baikal, Day 5: Bath Time

Our original plan for today had been to head to Olkhon Island however we had discovered that was actually not all that feasible in the short time-frame we had to play with. So,… Continue reading

Baikal, Day 4: Baikal-Bound

Having spent most of a day in Irkutsk, today we hopped on a маршрутка and made the hour-long journey down to Listvyanka on the western shore of Lake Baikal – the real reason… Continue reading

Baikal, Day 3: Siberian Reunion

A full 50 hours after we left Tyumen’ we finally arrived in the so-called ‘Paris of Siberia’. Here we met up with another Bristol student who is currently studying in the university town… Continue reading

Baikal, Day 2: Excuse Me, I’m Trying To Sleep

Regrettably today started off on a slightly sour note. A group of men, one of whom is occupying he bed opposite our купе, had already spent most of yesterday sitting on the end… Continue reading